After tiring days of registration, phew~ feel so relief, thanks to all teachers and all committee members of Koperasi SMK Dato Bentara Luar Berhad for your cooperation since the packing days till 31 December of 2013. We ended the year with sweat and triumph, well done all.  Registration days on 30 till 31 of December 2013 went smoothly with plenty of parents and kids holding receipt to our counter, all the committee efficiently manage them all, so helping. Those days ended at ‘Asam Pedas Yatie’, our annual lunch with koopers. We were having so much fun, helping people for the registration and providing kids with books to school. To all people in charge, we just proud of you. Keep up those good works next coming years okay.koop2 IMG_1728_Fotorkoop2 IMG_1729_Fotor5.

😉 smile~


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